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Colonial Series

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Liberty's Colonial Safes offer 50% more fire protection than other safes at the same price - making it an amazing value! Packed with Security Features like 60 minutes of fire protection and 4-sided military-style locking bars that are 4" wide and 1/4" thick! Colonials are built to protect without breaking the bank. 9 Color options and included Door Panel are a nice touch to this granite security gun safe. Plus, for more flexibility on the inside, check out the all-new COLONIAL 50 EXTREME and it's 6-in-1 Flex Interior!

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,599
Payments starting as low as $36.37 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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Colonial Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 39 customers ratings and reviews

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Excellent Safe!
written by Richey on June 26, 2018
I bought my Liberty safe with the intentions of keeping my guns safely locked away from my children. Originally I was going to just get a Centurion, but after some investigating and coaxing from the sales person I decided to go one step up and get a better quality safe. I'm glad I did, because I got a much sturdier better built safe, more room too.

VERY Important must read b4 u buy!
written by Granny on May 6, 2018
This is one purchase you will not have any buyer's remorse over. Great product with quality and customer service that's unmatched. Will be purchasing another soon...Good Lord willing

Great safe
written by Chris on November 26, 2017
Great product bought from a local dealer delivery was on time answered any questions I had.

written by Gene on November 6, 2017

written by CODYCOYOTE on August 23, 2017

Repeat buyer
written by Second time around in Alabama on July 9, 2017
This is my second purchase of a Liberty safe. I was so happy with the first one, there wasn't any need to shop around this time. I went straight to the Liberty dealer and purchased the Colonial Series!

Excellent safe
written by David massey on June 28, 2017
Very please with my new safe

Colonial 50
written by Yep on May 18, 2017
Greatest price ,warranty,service,made in USA,

written by Leo on February 8, 2017
Love the space but needs better lighting

Liberty Safe and Randy's Pawn Shop in Trenton GA.
written by wlau95 on January 21, 2017
Awesome product with great sales and service!

Great product!
written by Doug on June 30, 2016
Own several other Liberty models, the Colonial has the same great quality as the others at a fair price. You just can't buy a better safe for the money!

written by charles on April 5, 2016

Great Safe!!!!!!!!
written by D P on March 11, 2016
I bought the Colonial 23 gun and it is a great safe. it was every thing I was looking for, at a great price

Very pleased
written by Happy camper on January 19, 2016

Great product
written by Jacob on December 29, 2015
Very well made. Best warranty I've found.

Needed More Room
written by Anonymous in Chattanooga TN on December 28, 2015
It was time for to get more room within our safe! We have a 15/20 Lincoln for 10 plus years and loved the safe. However, we have acquired more weapons and needed more room. The Colonial 50 was at the right price point for us to upgrade. We are happy to have another Liberty Safe and know that it should last us a long time.

Heavy Duty
written by Mountain Ninja on December 28, 2015
Everything about this safe screams heavy duty. After months of searching I saw this safe in person and knew it was the one for me.

colonial 50 safe
written by Clark on December 25, 2015
5 stars

Wrong label caused physical verification of fire rating.
written by JEB on December 23, 2015
The safe i purchased was a Co23 with 60 min fire rating. The one i received had a 40 min label. The measured dimensions indicated there was not the number of fire boards a 60 min safe should have. The Liberty rep just wanted to put another label and said they had just mislabelled the safe when they change models on the assembly line. Did not know how many had gotten by. The dimensions on the website and brochure are wrong and off by 1 1/2" (indicating not enought fireboard). When i said i needed proof that this was in fact a 60 min safe, i finally got a rep out from the store i purchased it from to disassemble certain areas to show me the quantity of fireboards. it turned out to be sufficient but really left some doubt and a bad taste for the safe. I wonder if i had purchased a 40 min safe and got a 60 min label if i would have just assumed, like many others that this apparently happens to, i had a higher fire rating and been led astray to thinking i had more protection than i really had. it can happen both ways. rather than be so indifferent, liberty should respond proactively into finding the root cause and solution to this serious issue.
Liberty's Response:
This was an unfortunate oversite, sorry for the confusion. We have worked with our production team to ensure that it doesn't happen again. We appreciate the feedback. 

colonial 50
written by steve on December 9, 2015
been looking for a larger safe for a while , found the colonial 50 at randys pawn . the special edition with hard wire an lights with e lock an able to handle 50 long guns an door panel was almost perfect for I was looking for. the only thing I had to add was a jewelry drawer for the wife. this one should last me for a while

Colonial 50
written by Brad on December 9, 2015
Overall satisfied with my purchase, Wish the fire rating was better and the shelving could be improved

Great Safe
written by Josh on November 20, 2015
This is a great safe but i wish i had bought a bigger one

Great safe, great deal
written by JW on August 30, 2015
The store we purchased the safe from said the company had an incentive deal going on. We were able to purchase the safe at a discount and it came with a light and dehumidifier. I feel like we got an awesome deal with this safe.

Happy I chose this and not another brand
written by Willi on July 2, 2015
Ive been eyeing a safe for some time. I looked at all the big stores (Academy, Sportsman's Warehouse, Cabela's). I knew what I wanted (minus the price of what I wanted). I went to a local place that deals in scratch and dent safes. I was looking for a deal. I found my brand new Liberty Colonial model 30 safe on sale with a nice package put to together for it (key pad, lighting kit, power outlet kit, and dehumidifier rod) at the same price as it would normally sale for at a big store. At that moment I stopped looking. They guaranteed free delivery. I pulled out my credit card. Looks great.

what the fudge is in my living room!
written by dann-o, burt tackelberry. on June 10, 2015
as soon as I secured my valuables in my new safe, I felt as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders, I can leave home knowing that there SAFE.

Quality and Service
written by Buck Davis on June 2, 2015
The safe is very substantial and sales staff were excellent.I appreciate a well belt product made in America @ a reasonable price.

PS: The Lifetime Warranty played a big part in my decision making.

Very Happy
written by Bamachild on April 4, 2015
This safe has plenty of room. The shelves are adjustable for the perfect fit. There are plenty of accessories to help with organization.

Satisfied Customer
written by CJE on February 12, 2015
The primary use for my safe is to protect the firearms that have been passed down to me from my Father, Grandfather, and Uncle. As well as to protect other objects of sentimental and monetary value. I am highly satisfied with this safe. It has plenty of room, is versatile, reasonably priced, and provides peace of mind. I highly recommend this product to anybody looking for a safe.

Liberty 50 Safe
written by Mark J. on January 27, 2015
Lots of room. Well made. Functions well. Good price.

Great protection for anything that fits...
written by Happy Hunter on January 22, 2015
After shopping and considering several safes and manufacturers, we opted for the Liberty Colonial Series due to the obvious superiority in design, materials, and price. "Made in USA" was also important. We are totally satisfied with our purchase!

First Safe Purchase
written by O.O. Burlis on December 15, 2014
I recently purchased a Liberty Colonial 50 safe after about a year of research. I am more than happy with this purchase which provides all that I was shopping for in quality, affordability, flexibility and most important to me the fact that it was made in the USA. I would recommend this safe to anyone that is shopping for a great security investment. I am already telling my friends.

Happy Owner
written by Bill Reed on March 30, 2013
Very pleased with the quality and functionality of the safe.

My First and Last Safe!
written by Essy on February 28, 2013
Like every other American I want the most bang for the buck!
That's why I went with a Liberty Safe! Dollar for Dollar nothing comes close. I have always believed that you get what you paid for! If you buy cheap you get cheap!
This being my first gun safe (don't ask me why)and I being 60+ I wanted a safe that could be handed down to my grandkids! And one of the most important reasons why I chose a Liberty Safe is "Made In America"
Condsider me a Very Happy Customer!

Thank you!

High Quality Product
written by XD9GUY on February 27, 2013
Although the exterior of the safe looks and feels great, I am very pleased with the quality of workmanship of the interior. Everything is finished out with no loose strings or pieces of metal showing. I don't think anyone would be unhappy purchasing a Liberty safe.

Security is Peace of Mind
written by Bluetick on February 21, 2013
After collecting several firearms, I realized that I did not have a secure method of keeping my firearms from theft, household workers or from curious minds. I looked at several brands and decided on a Liberty... made in the USA was a good selling point, but with the delivery and setup from the local dealer, it made the sell. Very happy with securing my firearms, ammo and jewelry. Security if peace of Mind.

Well Worth The Price
written by C.Pruett on February 12, 2013
I looked at every safe online and this is by far the best for the prise!!

Total Satisfaction
written by Timmy Swashbuckle on January 27, 2013
Randy (and especially his Mom) were instrumental in helping us choose the right gun safe that fit our needs and budget. Great selection, close to home, with great service and delivery (on Sunday for Pete's sake!!). Highly recommend this outfit for your gun safe needs (Randy has a good selection of firearms too).

Awesome Safe.
written by Par360 on November 11, 2012
After looking at several different brands of safes, I decided on the Liberty Colonial 30 based on size, features, warranty and reputation. Great safe at a great price. The delivery/set-up crew were very professional and prompt.

Randy's Pawn Shop - Great price and service.
written by J.Lane on September 26, 2012
Great safe for the money. Serves my purpose very well! "MADE IN AMERICA!!! I like that". Rock Solid!