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Franklin Series

A Small Investment in Big Security

Backed by a 75 minutes of certified fire protection and excellent security utilizing Liberty's new 4-inch military style locking bars that are 1/4" thick, the Liberty Safe Franklin Series is built to last! With 11 beautiful finish options to perfectly compliment your home decor and Liberty's top rated 4-in-1 Flex™ interior, you can choose a Safe that is perfect for your needs. An Electrical Outlet kit, Interior Lights and Deluxe Door Panel are included in the Franklin Package.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,999
Payments starting as low as $45.47 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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Franklin Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 20 customers ratings and reviews

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The Franklin safe was the best I could find!
written by Musketman on January 10, 2018
This safe is well made and finished and so far, I am extremely pleased with my purchase! The safe was tall enough that even my Civil War era rifle muskets will fit in it standing straight up plus the rest of my long guns do as well. That is actually the one problem with it, it ended up being too big to bring into the house so, now it lives in my garage! Randy's Pawn shop in Trenton Ga. anchored it to the concrete, however, so I don't believe it's going anywhere! Randy's is well known around Southeast Tn. and Northwest Ga. as THE place for Liberty safes, my experience with them was excellent!

Liberty Franklin
written by Magoins on January 1, 2018

The Best
written by PA-Dive on September 7, 2017
I previously owned a Liberty safe but built a house and it was to large to fit inside.I offered the old one to my sister and she snatched it up. The new safe has the gloss paint in black and was smaller so we purchased it. We never once had a problem with the original safe. yes there are cheaper safes out there but you get what you pay for. LIBERTY ALL THE WAY!

written by Rimfire on July 27, 2016
After doing an extensive online search and review, I decided on a Liberty (Franklin series) safe based on (1) the safe's meeting my needs and expectations, (2) the availability of the safe I selected, and (3) the recommendations of Liberty safe owners. My sales representative was knowledgable and friendly and my safe was delivered promptly and installed to my satisfaction. I have a great sense of relief knowing my valuables are safe and secure from thieves, fire, and inquisitive grandchildren. The only hitch in my plan was that I should have purchased a larger model.

Finally, bought a Liberty!
written by Carl Merchant on January 31, 2016
After much review and debate I finally bought a Liberty Franklin 50 from Randy's Pawn Shop in Trenton, GA. For me the deciding factor was that Liberty is made in America, has a lifetime warranty, and had a reputable dealer near me. The safe was delivered quickly and was installed professionally. I was so excited that I immediately went about filling the safe with my firearms, ammunition, etc. When I was finally done and the lock slammed shut, it was a great feeling. Keep up the great work Liberty!

Don't look any further...
written by Made In America on September 23, 2015
If you are looking for a reliable safe with excellent quality features, no need to look any further than Liberty Safes. I looked for several weeks and did my homework and know that my Franklin Series Safe is a top notch product.

written by RKG on August 20, 2014
Great product. Well constructed.

good safe for the money
written by Mark on June 20, 2014
good safe for the money warranty speaks for itself

This safe will cost me another braclet!
written by TNDUCK on December 17, 2013
Gonna have to go out and get another Pandora bracelet for the wife after getting the safe! Had to for the boat and now another for the safe... ;-)

written by Bill L. on October 8, 2013

Unmatched Quality
written by jtemple2 on October 2, 2013
My new Franklin 35 is a work of art. Amazingly well built and affordable. With outstanding and unmatched American craftsmanship. I now sleep far better at night knowing that my family's treasures and weapons are safe from fire, crime, and children.

Franklin 35
written by Eric on July 14, 2013

written by Tanner C on May 23, 2013
My dad and brother both own Liberty Safes. A quick story. In April 2011 a series of tornados came through my town. The shop building Were my bother had his Liberty Safe in got demolished along with his house. The next day when we returned to start cleaning up we found his safe 20 feet from where it was in the shop on its back in the front yard. When we looked it over we saw it had muddy hand prints on it and pry marks on the door were some sorry S.O.B's tried to steal it over night and pry it open but were unable to. They did cause some serious damage to the door while prying it. My brother made a phone call to the dealer and it was replaced within a week no questions asked. Oh and everything inside was intact except for some water damaged things.

Now to my safe. I love how you can customize the shelves to your needs and have a ton of room. Now I can put my valuables and sentimental things in a place I know is secured from thieves and, from my experience, severe weather. My firearms are now SAFELY stored.
Liberty's Response:
What a great story. Did they ever take any pictures? Glad you like your Franklin 50. It's one sweet safe.

Franklin 25
written by chris on May 22, 2013

Safety and Security
written by Brian Rice on April 11, 2013
The space, fit and finish of this safe is excellent. In today's time of financial depression and gun safety, I would highly recommend having a safe in your home for valuables and to protect firearms from falling into the wrong hands. Protect our 2nd Amendment by being responsible gun owners.

JW's new toy
written by Jw on March 5, 2013
Great looking safe good deal for the money would recommend to a friend .

Great Safe
written by got guns on February 20, 2013
Great layout lots of room and very well built

Good safe
written by Jet on January 1, 2013
Nice safe very secure with the extra bolts in door

Great safe
written by jed4145 on November 28, 2012
We shopped and looked around at many different safes. We kept coming back to these... Made in USA. I'm not a stickler on this point, but some things we just build better in the states. The 1 hour fire rating and the local dealer were what sealed the deal.

Franklin 50
written by DB on November 21, 2012
Love my new safe !! Will and already have been recommending to all my friends.